Great performances for the King of Valpolicella

Notwithstanding the warmer season, far from the usual winter period for the anteprima, the Consortio of Valpolicella which gathers the producers from 19 villages around Verona, has revealed the numbers of the denomination it guarantees. The numbers of Amarone are rising up although the surface covered by the vines still be around 8.573 hectares; besides that, bottling is +8,6% in 2020; now the pandemic crisis is almost over, the Consortio has taken note of a jump in the selling of Amarone (+24% on 2020) numbers that get along well with the increments of bottles produced.

The good news from the internal market, is the foreign markets represent 60% (Canada, USA, Switzerland, UK, Germany). Christian Marchesini (President of a resident of the Consortium for the protection of Valpolicella wines) confirm ”the excellent state of health of Amarone, able to respond the best possible to the emergency. The work is not over, especially about the promotion of our identity wine. For this value, quality and revitalization of Valpolicella will be at the centre of the Consortium’s policy also for this year ”. What happened in 2017? After a warm winter and a few quantities of rain, luckily the frost in the spring season hasn‘t hit the vines thanks to the pergola breeding; 2017 is an early vintage, with a high level of sugar and acidity for a very well-balanced wine. What we notice in Amarone more than in other wine regions is a style still keeps changing following the taste trend in which sometimes the typical and authentic terroir and, consequently, the confirm of the company wine style. On average we found more interesting sips from wood samples of the wine already bottled.

by Erika Montovan

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