ROMAGNA : Let’s discover the area through the sub zones.

The path of promotion is clear ; the dynamism of the wine producers is now tracked by the borders fixed by Consorzio Vini di Romagna in order to catalogue the taste of the different terroir.

The Consorzio Vini di Romagna, led by Ruenza Santandrea and director Filiberto Mazzanti, manages 114 members, 7 cooperatives, 5 bottles, 102 wine producers, and a chain made up of 5,200 winemakers who produce grapes, in an area where 62% of the wine from all of Romagna, and which increasingly focuses on Additional Geographical Mentions. Indeed, the main character of the area is the Sangiovese grapes here showed up on a qualitative scale which goes from Romagna Sangiovese Doc to Superiore, Riserva and the mention of the subzones (12). The success of this last type is confirmed by numbers, the production move from 2,667 (in 2017) to 434,133 in 2020. Besides them, there is a boost of interest in the other grapes: Albana, Pagadebit Trebbiano and Famoso all pushed by the trend of Sangiovese. In 2020, Romagna wines got over the pandemic. We talk about 7% of the decrease in selling.


Ca’ di Sopra – Romagna DOC Sangiovese Superiore Marzeno 2018
The best example of Sangiovese in Romagna: the sip is complete, all elements satisfied with each other. We feel freshness, tannins, pulp, everything is projecting on the palate with harmony and the right energy.
Score : 16.5/20 (93/100)

Villa Papiano – Romagna DOC Sangiovese Modigliana Papesse 2019
(Organic) It’s massive and awesome freshness, endorse and enhance the fruits. Temporary captive energy creates a balance and a sweet material that ends in a slaty and bitter after taste.
Score : 16.5/20 (93/100)

Tenute La Viola – Romagna DOC Sangiovese Superiore Il Colombarone 2018
From Bertinoro, a juicy wine, a clean, salty and fruity material at the same time. The sip is decisive and fragrant. The personal interpretation does not give in to fashions.
Score : 16/20 (92/100)

Chiara Condello – Romagna DOC Sangiovese Predappio Riserva 2017
Delicate, floral and punctuated by a sunny and very vibrant minerality. The alchemy between fruit and wood is splendid, it marks the taste making it very elegant.
Score : 16/20 (92/100)

Fattoria Nicolucci – Romagna DOC Sangiovese Superiore Riserva Vigna del Generale “Predappio di Predappio” 2016
Notwithstanding the mineral and insightful tannins, the taste is featured by a terrific elegance. A sip that wraps the drink with a density given by a softening and warm pulp. But it still very fresh and the talent of the soil gives back an awesome expression of Sangiovese.
Score : 16/20 (92/100)

Torre San Martino – Romagna DOC Sangiovese Modigliana Vigna 1922 2018
At the palate the taste of sweetness, given by the wood, dominates a bit of the scene; but within the year it will give an extra story, a volume and a new fleshiness. A wine that always stands out for its personality.
Score : 15.5+/20 (91/100)

Noelia Ricci – Romagna DOC Sangiovese Predappio Il Sangiovese 2019
Such a very expressive nose, along with spicy, lavender and intense red fruits; all show a funnel energy. The body creates a great circle of material and richness. Powerful and velvety.
Score : 15.5+/20 (91/100)

Podere la Berta – Romagna DOC Sangiovese Solano 2018
Juicy and material, it’s very balanced already today with a pleasant sensation of red fruits immersed in rose petals that tighten in the finish with a tannic grip. Still young.
Score : 15.5+/20 (91/100)

Tenuta Casali – Rubicone IGT Famoso 2019
Balsamic, fruity with white pepper, it spending its freshness in magic and well-balanced dance among freshness and body. Then, appear a vertical salty and citrus fruits.

Score : 15.5+/20 (91/100)

La Sabbiona – Romagna Albana DOCG Alba della Torre 2019
Soft with captive roundness rich in almonds notes and yellow juice. The freshness plays the best role every driving the taste with elegance.
Score : 15.25/20 (90/100)

Pandolfa – Romagna DOC Sangiovese Superiore Riserva Pandolfo Riserva 2017
Mineral sparks chisel the drink, catapulting it into a marvellous, sweet, creamy and refined substance. Tannins govern all the energy showed on the palate.
Score : 15.25/20 (90/100)

Maria Galassi – Romagna DOC Sangiovese Superiore Ca’ Storta Romagna 2019
(Organic) The density at taste is due to the tannic pattern, which concentrates the fruit, its catches burrs enchanting the material. Beautiful evolution on the palate
Score : 15.25/20 (90/100)

Agritensa – Romagna DOC Sangiovese Poderi delle Rose 2019
(Organic) Intense, notes of eucalyptus, the roundness lives in its freshness along the tip of mine; sip fragrant, juicy and a bit sweet but delicate in the end.
Score : 15.25/20 (90/100)

Bissoni – Romagna Albana DOCG Passito 2016
(Organic) Free-range and slightly spicy in its texture. The palate is warmed by a very delicate and ample long taste, between yellow fruit and alcohol that envelops and amplifies everything.
Score : 15.25/20 (90/100)

Enio Ottavaini – Romagna DOC Pagadebit Strati 2019
A peculiar white grape with enjoyable juice drives by different aromas. The nose swims from safer to magnolia, endorsing the fruit. Taste is deep and salty in the after taste. Very peacefully.
Score : 14.75+/20 (89/100)

by Erika Montovan

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