Frescobaldi : Woman power

It is one of the ancient Tuscany family involved since 700 hundred years in wine production; since the early fourteenth century, Frescobaldi members were illustrious writers, explorers, musicians, bankers, bishops and politicians.

In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, this family supplied wines to the Court of England and many European countries, including the Papal one. The connection with art likewise Donatello, Michelozzo Michelozzi and Filippo Brunelleschi are seen
nowadays in the claim ”Cultivating Toscana Diversity”. The production is dispatched in 7 different zones and the choice to give voice to the precision and women intuition is an added value to the profile of the wine coming from all of the estates.

The best expressions tasted come from Pomino and Ammiraglia estates: the mountains and the sea respectfully. Pomino is a Docg since 1983, spread 30 km far from Florence where a special microclimate influence all the environment there; the brightness and the freedom of humidity because of the altitudes, from 380 meters to 700 meters above the sea, create a perfect scenario since the middle of the 800 century for the production of sparkling wine. Leonia is the name of the sparkling wine here born resumed by the great-grandfather Frescobaldi who planted french vines in Pomino, vinifying them in the first Italian gravity winery, receiving the gold medal at the Paris Expo in 1878. The history reborn in 2011 when Frescboaldi sort out with its first sparkling method classic ”millésimé” enhancing so the quality of the harvest developing year after year its style. In the last cuvée, 2016 one, after 32 months on the lees the recipe seems to be at the beginning for the build of something more complex. Thanks to the more Pinot Noir added in, assembled with Chardonnay, and the different period of harvest around the estate, the material is very powerful, the bubbles are more creamy and all elements are well balanced. Engaging. The passion of Nicolo d’Afflito, the main director of all Frescobaldi’s estate, is conveying also to the production of firm Pomino wine: Benefizio Riserva Doc 2018 (chardonnay 100%) and Pomino white Doc 2020 (chardonnay and pinot white). Benefizio was born in 1973, it is the first white wine in Italy fermented and aged in the wood. Produced in 7 hectares, after a period of ageing in wood, on the lees, and in the bottle, Benefizio Riserva reached elegance and harmony, saltiness and crispy. On the other side, the Pomino white Doc is fruity, well balanced and round. Moving to another flagship, wines made in Ammiraglia estate are influenced by the sea. Here Frescobaldi invests its efforts in producing rosé wines. Aurea Gran Rosé, the first harvest is dated back to 2017, is a gathering of pleasure, spice notes and longevity. Face to Maremma coasts, Syrah and Vermentino, return on rosé with an evolving personality.

This big family, then winery, is able to capt each feature from every estate always thrilled by harvest experience.

by Erika Montovan

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